Kamis, 15 Januari 2015

New Years Eve for 2015!

hello! Happy New Years! well, it's too late to saying that but really sorry for this. I'm very busy a few weeks ago, I've got a job and thats is the reason why I'm cann't update my post.

By the way, how are you today my lovely readers? hope you have a bless day.

I'm sure that everybody has a plan for new years eve last year, spend the new years eve with family, friend, bestfriend or may be girlfriend/boyfriend is amazing. Likewise with me, although I still have a job on evening, for the night I spend new years eve party with my old friend on senior high school and I got new friends!

We spend our night in Amsterdam cafe, enjoy the music from Dj, chitchat with them and take a selfie!
Yeah! I'm with three man are superb! Reddy is my old friend in senior high school, and two guy is my new friend just called Reza and J.

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