Kamis, 15 Januari 2015

Madam Wang - Secret Garden

Madam Wang is one of cafe in Malang which are became "hitz" to foodies. Actually I've visited this pplace for many time, because my sister have a job in there. But now, I'll tell you about my culinary trip in this place with my bestfriend. Oh my goodness! really happy to see them again after all the time we don't meet.

They are superb! and more beautiful... I feel so lucky being their bestfriend. As usually always excited to spend the time with them! we can share our story, make some plan to have fun together. By the way, why we choose to meet up in Madam Wang?
It's because Madam Wang is the only cafe that I know open earlier than others, open in 08:00 am. I choose to meet them in there on morning day because on evening I must go back to my work. Moreover about that, I prefer to visit the Madam Wang on morning day, because Madam Wang has an unique theme are secret garden, so beautiful and look so fresh have spend time in there.

Overall about this place are awesome! love the place, healthy foods and drink, and don't be worry the taste very delicious. You can spend the time in there with friends, family or wanna romantic sense? come in there on the night with your bae :D

By the way you can check my outfit and some beautiful or unique place in Madam Wang, so check this out!

Outfit :
Oversized Shirt - belong to my mom
Clutch - unknown
Pants - Hey-ho denim
Shoes - Homyped

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