Sabtu, 12 Juli 2014

Yesterday, Lucky Day :)

Yesterday I;ve been break fast with "Bright" community. Bright  is community of some people who loves to sharing everything about broadcast. We decided to break fast at one of the japanese restaurants, Saboten Shokudo. As usual I always attend an event of Bright with my friend, Wildan.
*just for notice, Wildan is a name of girl not a boy :D

Wildan always pick me up to attend an event of Bright, on this event I didn't come just with Wildan, I also invited my old friend in senior high school Ila. So, we attend this event together. When he got in Saboten Shokudo, I get a surprised. What's a surprise? It turns out Reza also have an event at the restaurant.
*hmm.. but I think this isn't a surprise because when we go out with Damaris and Anas, I had read his write a text about break fast at Saboten. I just guessed will be meet him again at Saboten Shokudo which are in Dieng.

Reza has an event break fast with his old friend from senior high school and some friend from the other school. From the outset I've a plan to hang out with Kurix, Ivan, Wildan and Ila, but  we decided to hang out together as a reunion senior high school with Reza, Berry and Anas. We spend the night at DNR cafe which are in Soekarna Hatta street.

Really excited to had break fast with Bright, but unfortunely I've no photos of Bright :( Maybe next time I'll post about Bright :)
Moreover I also really have fun to spend the night with old friends, because may be a long time no see with them :D thank you guys for lastnight.

from the right side: Me, Wildan and Ila

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