Minggu, 20 Juli 2014

This Is For You...

I dedicate this post for my lovely boyfriend, Ahmad Reza Maulana :)

Hello Re,

Welcome in your twenty years age, you should be proud to growth surrounded by a people who loves you. Your family, bestfriend, friend and me, we really love you.

Twenty years age is the best time for you to understand how to realize your bright future. I knew you for a long time, you're a real man with more love for your family. I proud of you dear and really love you.

I wish you more getting closer to God, don't to forget and don't be late to always prayer. I wish you always make your family be proud, still be a humble person to everyone. Still be a good friends with high loyalty and honestly. And please still be my lovely boyfriend :')

Hmm.. I think I don't need to write every wishes in here, because your name always in my prayer everyday.
Just be better person than before dear, may God bless you :)

"You may grow old. but I will grow old along with you and our love will always stay young"


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