Minggu, 13 Juli 2014

The Double Tap!

Yesterday I felt so lucky on Instagram, why?
because this....
Yeah! I get the double tap from Konstantina and Elle, who they are?
They're my inspiration! I knew them from lookbook.nu , they are one of the famous people in lookbook.

*Lookbook.nu is an amazing web-site where amazing people share their amazing outfit ideas! :) I love that web-site!

They inspired me, even though they have a different characteristic. I loved the style of Konstantina, because I think she have an amazing style with elegant looks. And also I loved the style of Elle, I think she have a perfectly unique style. They're one of the most beautiful woman on this earth!

There is some looks of Elle-May, you can see all of her style on http://lookbook.nu/ellemay or you can check her blog stylishells.blogspot.com :D

And there is some looks from Konstantina,you can see all of her style on http://lookbook.nu/konstantina or you can check her blog serialklother.com :D

For my lovely readers who loves fashion, may be next post I will write some people who have interesting styles in lookbook.nu :D just wait  the next post guys...

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