Senin, 07 Juli 2014

I Don't Care!

Hello readers! I'ts been a hard week for me and now I wanna write about what happens to me. Everyone have know that in our lives definitely we have haters and lovers. Maybe everyone think the live will be so perfect if all the people being a lovers to us and no haters. I think thats is bad idea. The life would be perfect if everything we have is balance. We should feel so lucky to have both, because the both are favorable although there are also has the demage.
I have the both, many lovers and also many haters. Who are my lovers is my family, bestfriend and boyfriend, they are always support me and close on never make me so sad or feeling down. Then who are the haters? maybe they are who feel jealously of what I have done.

They are said I'm a big crazy damn dreamer, the person who have a highly obsessed in everything, and also many judge for me. The ironic is they never said directly to me, they are just can judge me on behind me. First of all I'm down but I remember with my big deal for my life.

Haters gonna be my power to show them who I am. I'm the girl who are growing up to be the pretties woman but I think I cann't leave my hobbies to doing crazy thing with my friends. Dear haters, Don't you have a friends? don't you ever feel doing something crazy with your friends? if you said yeah, why you are look so busy to looking my weakness bitch?!

I'm  big dreamer be an accordance with my header blog, whats wrong if I have the big dream to visit New York?! This is my dream, why you are so serious to care my dream?! please a little bithces take care your own dream!

I'm part time blogger, may I'm not the good writer but I loved to post everything about my life in blogger. I write my real story about everything, my friends, bestfriends, boyfriends and family. And sometimes I loved to share how my fashion style or about photography. I'm not force my self to have highly obsessed being a writer, fashion blogger, photographer or anything. 

I just doing what I thought I can doing, I never force but still try to be the best.

Dear haters, I'm so sorry if you don't like me but I don't plan on changing for anybody!

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