Jumat, 18 Juli 2014

Hello My Best!

Good morning my lovely bloggie and readers, have a nice day for you all.
Usually every morning I must help my mom, but this morning I have not a job so I think this time for write some stories in here :D

Four days ago, I've a break fasted with my bestfriends. Usually we called ourselves "Soulmate" :) 

We're Soulmate :)
We've been being a bestfriend since in junior high school, and event break fasting when the Ramadhan is came will be the our annual event. This year we break fast at one of the cafe in Soekarno Hatta Street, DNR Cafe. This cafe has good dishes and affordable prices. Why we choose the affordable prices? yeah, it's because we're a collage and who haven't a job :')
*for Indonesian people can called "bokek" , tee-hee.

But actually we doesn't matter where we break fasted, the most important is we shared our story and laughed together. After we had break fast in there, we decided to visit Ita's house.  In there we always shared some funny story from our friends in campus. But we don't take a picture again. This all picture we taken in DNR Cafe before we break fasted.

The first photo from left, I'm taked a picture with my best Ita. For the second photo in the center, I'm taked a selfie with my best Dina, and for the last is my best Fia.

There is always a new story  when we met, I love them.. always excited to spend the time with them :)

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