Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

I Haven't a Reason to Said No :)

First day in August, I guess the date we have will be the same as usual.. but, I'm wrong!
Under the starry night, in the wind cold thats go through our bones you said something I've been waiting for.
As usual you always apologize, 
I know you're nervous dear but please keep on saying what you want.
Do you know I also felt nervous? :)
I'm waiting your lips to say something right of your heart.
You hold my hand, you looked at me so close.
You skip my heart breathing, I felt so comfort but this is complicated.
Please tell me what do you want?

"will you being my girlfriend?"

 yeah! yeah! I got it! 
Oh my God, I can't believe it!
This a moment I was waiting for the most.
I know how to answer your question! :)

Dear, I always lift my hands and pray to be only yours :)
and now God answer my prayers.
How can I resist you that I've been waiting for?
"I haven't a reason to said no dear"
Thank you for loving me, I love you so much :)

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