Senin, 22 Juli 2013

Happy Birthday My Dear :)

20 July 2013
Happy birthday my dear, Happy birthday bawel, Happy birthday my doctor

Sweet 19th for you
you have a new ages, blessed your ages
be a hero and real man for everyone even more your mom and sister
be a great son for your father
be a real friend for everyone
be adult in your sadness and be thankful in your happiness
bring success in your life, grab your dreams!
be better than previous your ages dear :)

do you know you really mean to me?
yeah, I hope you know that.
your names always in my prays, everyday I wish the best for you
God knowing I was do that :)

do you know how am I glad when your friend invited me to join celebrate your birthday?
I'm appreciated and I'm glad although I'm a little nervous to meet your family and your friends

honestly, I'm shocked there are also present your ex and someone who admires you
 it's no problem, this something different but interested!
we can called this a special moment in awkward situation..hahaha

I don't know what to say, which obviously I'm very excited to be celebrating your birthday yesterday.
thank you so much dear :)
God blessed you

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