Senin, 20 Mei 2013

My Teddy Bear :*

17 Mei 2013, friday last week as usual I get text from my dear, he said will come to Anas's home. Anas is his bestfriend and and his house not to far from my house. Deep in my heart I wish him will also come in my house. At the first time I ask him "can you come in my house?", he answered,  "I'm sorry, I can't come to your house maybe next time". Well, I'm disappointed...

the evening comes.. I got a text from him, he ask "can I visit in your house?". Oh my God, thank you so much you gave me lucks. I'm glad and I said, "with pleasure, anytime you want". when he had come in my house, I think he can't stay for too long in here.

yes, I'm right. He can't stay for too long in here because he must went to Anas's house. actually I want him to stay, but I can't do anything. so, I was him let it go...
before he went, he gave me a gift!!! yyeaahh! I can't wait to see it...
this my gift from him, its Teddy Bear :D love it!

Surely I'm glad, this is what thing I want. Thank you so much dear..
when I was read the greeting card, I was smiled sheepishly... hahahha.
this a greeting card from him.

Oh my God, I feel lucky to be close to him...
Thanks dear, thanks for your wishes to me, thanks for everythings.
 I will keep this Teddy Bear! :D

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